Well I have been lazy and busy. Don’t expect many posts on this blog. I am not much of a writer, but do post some things. One game I have played for well over a year is called Hack Wars. It a virtual hacking simulation game. It is really fun and even includes its own programming language called HackScript. Now the language is fake of course, but is based apon the C and JAVA programming languages. You have your own VPC. You can hack others, mal/virus them, grind, and more. Grinding is the process of hitting NPC’s, or non-player computers repeatedly for a period of time to increase your stats and be a high level player.The highest level is 800. Stats to rank include: Merchant, Attack, Watch, HTTP, Redirect, Repair, Firewall, and Scan. Each go to 100 as the max skill level. What I am saying is only a part of the game, to find out the rest, register and play…It’s FREE! Oh and HackWars is getting a MAJOR update around December 7th… If yo do register, just say pcfreak30 referred you..:-)

EDIT: Sorry, the website for HackWars is hackwars.net


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