Back with Good News

Well I just got back from visiting family for two weeks and am ready to roll. I got to thinking about a new site layout. Very soon I will be in the works of a new web 2.0 site with js animations through scriptaculous/prototype or jquery. One reason for this is because I got tired of not being able to make any pages at because of the seo rewrites the blog uses. I am also soon going to work on a script that i call EZ H.U.M.S. EZ Hammer User Management System. In shorts its going to be a n00b friendly member system. You can restrict pages with it and other stuff. I will post updates about the site make over very soon, and maybe some screen shots too. Also my last post on the iphone 3g faq stuff is not completly true. Turns out I was mistaken on the fact that only iphones have basebands, and now they have 3.0 jailbroken and unlocked. DO NOT upgrade to 3.1 though. The update upgrades you baseband and makes apple a happy dog. Dev-Team are releasing tools for the 3.1 fix soon. This was taken directly from their blog

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