Lets get Rolling

Well its true I haven’t been around in my blog in a bit. I just wasn’t interested so much. Well its sumer now and im getting bored of cod4 and things, so I cleaned up my site, did some info updated and added a few things. You would not believe how many spam bots registered on my site. Almost 3 pages worth. Many had random names and included viagra, lol. I also switched my comments system to intense debate. Will be alot better that way. Don’t try to post retarded or spam comments because they will always be filtered and moderated by me. I have updated my contact and about pages too. I am officially a senior as well, thank gosh on that one. Please comment on my blog. Since I put this up, it has been a ghost town with very few subscribers. Long story short, im back in the game and hitting the ball for a goal… Any posts in the past about future products will not happen for now, if ever. i will post though if I decide to code something. If the info is not on my site or a profile of mine, its probably not true. I will also add my profiles on the web to my links for it to be easy on the n00bs, jk. And remember, if you need tech help, drop me a message and I will be glad to help!

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