Jailbreak 3.0 FAQ

iTouch 2G

  • I get an error when trying to upgrade or restore to 3.0..-> Well I believe you must update iTunes to the latest 8.2 version. I believe that some protocols were updated that require that.
  • What do I do to jailbreak my iTouch on windows, since atm the Dev-Team have not released QuickPwn.. ->Use redsn0w. Its available for windows, linux, and mac. truthly, im not 100% absolute that that will work, but will give an update once I try it myself.
  • If I upgrade to 3.0 will my baseband update too and kill any jailbreak?..-> It may, but do remember that jailbreaks for itouch 1g and 2g users are permanent. They are jailbroken through hardware, not software. Apple could release a thousand updates, and you would still have it jailbroken, atleast just have to re-jailbreak.
  • Will cydia still work when I upgrade..-> It should. there is a chance it will not through redsn0w because it contains the 2.x OS version. If it doesnt, talk on forums, the Dev-Teams blog, or hackintosh irc.
  • How can I backup my stuff on upgrade in case something goes wrong..-> you should use Aptbackup off of cydia. I may blog a detail of a better solution based off what that app does..

iPhone 3G

the above about cydia applies to you too, plus this.

  • When will ultrasn0w be out. give IT NOWWW!!!!!!-> Chill man, the Dev-Team don’t get paid for this you know and don’t accept donations either. It will be out soon and when it is ready. Never ask for an ETA because you will be flamed, and the Dev-team learned their lesson about ETA’s during the iPhone 2G jailbreak and unlock era.
  • can I upgrade to 3.0, jailbreak, then run ultrasn0w later.. -> yes.
  • I found a site promising an unlock and jailbreak, should I do it?? -> NO. All jailbreaks and unlocks are and always will be from cydia. be careful on sites that tell you to pay for it. even sites that give it for free should not be fully trusted. They Dev-Team tells all that is needed and if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Only thing that is the exception to that is the Dev-Team themselves, those genius hackers they are, lol.
  • iPhone 2G and iTouch 1G

    You should not have any issues upgrading. iTouch users, you still have and always will have the hardware bootrom exploit for all your jailbreak goodness. I do believe there is an 3.0 for you too. iPhone 2G, you still have you jailbreak and unlock as well. I believe it is baseband based though, but don’t worry. All current tools will work with your stuff.

    if I have miss ANYTHING, which I probably have, please post a comment on it and I will add it. Any new questions will be added too. Dev-Team, if anyone of your members read this and find incorrect, missing, or false information, please please contact me asap and/or post a comment. The comment system is powered by IntenseDebate too.

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    BTW, happy jailbreaking. the more apple gets mad, the marrier… POWER TO THE PEOPLE!!!, not Apple and definitely not Microsoft. LO3


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