Jailbreaking iTouch 2G

[EDIT: please use the hacking tutorials section for upto-date information. I am considering this tutorial void]

ok, there are hundreds of tutorials on how to do this. this is mine, and is n00b friendly.
the iPhone-Dev team has done the extremely hard work for us, and as usual it is all free. So this is the basic scenario. You recieved a itouch 2g some how, and you have heard about this “jailbreak’ thing/crap. So what is it. There is a tech geek side and a n0bb I dont care, I just want it, side. Well, jailbreaking will allow you itouch to not be locked down by apple. you get all the FREE apps you could ever want, and do WHATEVER you want. You can theme it out, do what ever. Me, currently I have a MS Windows 7/Vista theme. Changing it real soon. You can have a custom boot logo, which is the little graphic that comes on while you turn it on (do not use logome though. It will jack up your itouch) . You can run Game Boy Advance GAMES on it with the gpPhone emulator app, like donkey kong, and super mario. Simply but, if someone can program it, and it works, you can use it. you can still of course buys apps from the Apple app store. I dont recommend it, since you can get them illegally, (aka cracked apps). But more on that for another day…

As a side note, I will post on my youtube channel how this is done, or an updated method if things change in the hacking area between now and when I get time to make it.


1. go to redsn0w.com ( thats a zero, not an “o”)
2. download the version for Windows to my documents. Note this is a torrent. If you do not know what that it is, look it up on wikipedia. Once you have downloaded the zip file, continue.
4. extract the zip file. If you dont know how or cant for somereason, google 7zip. To extract normally without 7zip just right-click the archive and go to extract all, and follow the prompt (no password required).
4. Go to Start -> Run.
5. type in “cmd” (without quotes).
6. a small program with a black background will come up. It will have a blinking cursor. never go into the cmd (aka command prompt). UNLESS YOU KNOW EXACTLY WHAT YOU ARE DOING. Inproper use of it can make your computer inoperable.

7. now assuming the the redsn0w files were extracted in My Documents/redsn0w (change commands as needed if required) type in this. press enter after each line.


cd my documents
cd redsn0w

—END of commands——

8. now press alt ctrl del in that order.keep buttons held down until the task manager comes up.
9. go to processes. Now fine any program itunes/ipod related, and kill it (end process). this includes itunes, ituneshelper, and ipodservice. this is just to make sure itunes/apple doent screw with the jailbreak.
10. now, you can put your itouch now or let redsn0w tell you how to do it.

[DFU boot Instructions]
turn off your itouch, keep it connected. hold the power for 3 seconds. keep it held. the moment you see the apple logo, hold the home as well as the power for 10 seconds. Let go of the power, and hold for 30 seconds. its in DFU mode. Note dfu mode looks like the device if powered off. If itunes comes up, exit it and repeat step 8 from above.
[End DFU boot instructions]

11. now go back to the black cmd windows.
12. now if you have already gone into dfu mode on you itouch, engore the first instructions in the redsn0w app that you are about to run.
13. type (without quotes) “./redsn0w”
14. follow the instructions.
15. at one point you will have to reconnect your itouch to your pc, due to a bug that could not be fixed from what I read in the program.
16. just let it do its thing.
17. you soon will have a jailbroken itouch.

Have a nice day. peace 😀

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  • Actually the redsn0w jailbreak is only available for iPod Touches with versions before 3.0…in that case your information is legit and will work excellent. So for people who now have updated their iPhones or iPod Touches to 3.0 or 3.1 have to find a jailbreak to work for them, since redsn0w will not work. The one I used on mine was called "blackra1n"…if you do a simple google search you can find it and download it to your pc to put onto your device. It works basically the same at the resn0w but it is actually even easier to do. You do not even need to put your device into DFU mode. You simply just plug your device into you computer and run the blackra1n program. It takes only about 60 seconds to complete the process.

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